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Upcoming UWS Exhibitions

UWS Spring Exhibition

  • Deadline for entries: March 20, 2018 at 8:00pm
  • Online entry only
  • Exhibition dates: May 11, 2018 - June 15, 2018
  • Exhibition venue: Visual Arts Institute, Salt Lake City

Irene RamptonBest of Show, Irene Rampton, Sisters
Past UWS Exhibitions

UWS 2017 Two-Star/Signature Exhibition

View Winning Entries here

Becky Hartvigsen - Best of Show “Night Flight”
Kristi Grussendorf - Award of Excellence “Working Girls”
Dianne Adams - Award of Merit “Carins”
Barbara Kidd - Award Of Merit “Torc Falls in Killarney”
Maurice Wiberg - Juror’s Award “Hidden Pass Lake Powell”
Sherry Meidell - Juror’s Award “Greeting the Morning”
Mary Pusey - Juror’s Award “Orange Lilies”
Jeanne Hansen - Honorable Mention “Southern Utah Whisper”
Barbara Kidd - Honorable Mention “End of Fall”
Maura Naughton - Honorable Mention “Old Torrey Schoolhouse”
Tom Howard - Merchant’s Award “Lost Creek”
Irene Rampton - Merchant’s Award “Young and Naïve”
Maggie Harrison - Merchant’s Award “Mother and Child”
Roxane Pfister - Merchant’s Award “Guardian”

UWS 2017 Fall Member Exhibition
2017-18 Membership required
October 1 to November 17th
Juror: Keiko Tanabe
Reception: Oct. 6, 6-8 Bountiful Davis Art Center
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday-Friday – 10am-5pm
Saturday – Noon to 5pm
4th Monday – Family Art Night – 6:30-8pm
View Online Exhibit

Award Winners:

Best of Show - Paige Kimball, “Jamaican Mama”

Award of Excellence
Terrece Beesley, “Rainy Night in the City”
Andi Jorgensen, “The Swan”

Award of Merit
Brienne Brown, “Evening at the Ranch”
Lori Burchinal, “Briggs-N-Stratton"
Kristi Grussendorf, “Umbrellas”

Juror’s Award
Ruth Nichols, “Tooelle Valley #11”
Susan Kendall, “Cockscomb #7"
Ian Ramsay, “Sakura"
Paige Kimball, “Banana Ana Fo Fana"

Past Presidents Award - Kathy Sutherland, “Woodland”

Merchant Award
Bessann Swanson, “White on White"
Jana Parkin, “Encircled About by Fire"
Brenda Brunello, “Missing You”
Cynthia Hepworth, “Blooming Brilliance”

Roland Lee_Chessman ColumbinesBest of Show 2017, Roland Lee, "Chessman Columbines"
UWS 2017 Small Works Exhibition
July 21st to August 11th
Juror: Don Weller
Michael Berry Gallery

Best of Show
Roland Lee, “Chessman Columbines”

Award of Excellence
Ian Ramsay,Dusk at Dotunbori, Osaka”

Awards of Merit
Colleen Reynolds, “Birds be Warned”
Angela Kotter, “Taking a Hike”

Juror’s Awards
Leonard Morgan Hawkes, “Twichell Springs”
Lynda Burruss, “Love of the Leaf”
Cara Koolmees, “Blue Moose”

Past President’s Award
Susan Kendall, “Swayin’ In the Wind”

Honorable Mention
Bonita Tollefson, “Chicken Little”
Barbara Kidd, “Never Leave Home Without It”
Colleen Reynolds, “I Want to be Grapes”

Merchant Awards
Brenda Brunello, “Winters Last Respite”
Terrece Beesley, “Little Cowboy”

Sisters_Irene_RamptonBest of Show, Sisters by Irene Rampton

UWS 2017 Spring Open Exhibition
May 3 - June 28, 2017
Utah Cultural Celebration Center
Juror: Janet Rogers
Reception: May 4, 6-9pm, Awards 6:30-7:30pm
Exhibition Prospectus

2017 Spring Open Exhibition Paintings

Award Winners:
Best of Show
Sisters - Irene Rampto n
Award of Excellence - 
Old School - Colleen Reynolds
 Evolution - Kathy Sutherland
Award of Merit - 
Chilling in the Grass - Lori Burchinal
She’s Tenacious - Mary Pusey
Navajo Loop Trail - Roland Lee
Juror’s Award
 - Angela Kotter
Remnant - Debra Makoff
Quoth the Raven - Roxane Pfister
Rte 66 Mirage - Ann Galt
Past President’s Award -
Gooseneck Point - Chariya Ernst
Merchant Award
Autumn Meadow - Lucy Beale Partridge
Night Dancing - Linda Flannery
London Rainy Day - Kristi Grussendorf
Mi Casa - Lynda Burrus
Still Life, Still Dieting - Angela Kotter
2016 UWS Spring Open Exhibition
May 3-27
Eccles Community Art Center
More Information


Best of Show
Kristi Grussendorf
“On a Clear Day”

Awards of Excellence
Willamarie Huelskamp “Red Red Dress”
Tom Howard, “Cache Valley Marsh”

Awards of Merit
Gail Alger, “Tennis Anyone?”
Kazuko Hill, “Motherland II”
Ruth Nichols, “To save life; to extinguish fire.”

Juror’s Awards
Carl Purcell, “Low Tide”
Sandy Wisecup, “The Novel”
Sherry Meidell, “Hello Ladies”
Sandy Wisecup, “Bending”

Past President’s Award
Sue Martin, “Creation”

Merchant Awards
Sharon Cannon, “Caly”
Irene Rampton, “3 of a Kind”
Kathy Sutherland, “Shreds”
Roland Lee, “Autumn Falls”
Lori D. Burchinal, “Triple Cliff

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