Catherine Darling Hostetter
February 19-20

Learn how to use your imagination to personalize and add the unexpected to your watercolor style. Catherine focuses on animals and people in her artwork and often combines them with a whimsical twist. You will learn how let go and use your imagination with fun exercises. Follow your inspiration; where even the most traditional artist can incorporate creative ideas into their style!

About the workshop:
The first day Catherine will demonstrate two exercises that pull on your artistic imagination. In the morning exercise #1 will open your eyes and get you wiggling. Then the students will be set loose to indulge their own creative thoughts on WC paper. After lunch it’s time for demo #2 where you let your fancy take flight and you paint a story of your personal design.
Day two, we begin with a demo involving Catherine’s favorite subjects, animals and people. Artists are invited to bring photos of their favorite subject matter and focus on adding their original inspiration to a painting of their own. Be brave! This is the time to follow your inspiration!
We will end each day with a critique. Are we going to have fun? Heck yeah!
  • Supply List
    Watercolor paint and palette of your choice (use colors you are comfortable with)
  • Watercolor pencils 
  • pencil and kneaded eraser
  • 140 lb. Arches or Fabriano WC paper. Three 11” x 14” sheets, minimum size, you can paint larger if you like, but 11” x 14” recommended for the exercises of the first day. A third sheet will be used on the 2nd day.
  • Masking Tape
  • Masking fluid
  • Brushes, sizes that you like best
  • Water containers
  • Gator board or plywood, something to tape your wc paper to.
  • A roll of paper towels
  • Table easel - or not – whatever you like to use
  • Photos of people, animals; include head shots. Bring a variety, you never know what your imagination may need. Also photos of your favorite subject matter... if people and animals don’t ring your bell.
  • Blow dryer
Catherine Darling Hostetter
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